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Image 1. Minister Champika Premadasa

Champika Premadasa, born in 1948, is a businessman and a politician in Sri Lanka.[1] He had his formal education at Gabbela Sirisangabo Vidyalaya, Kegalle.[2]

C. Premadasa, from Kegalle district, represents the United National Party, the main right-wing political party in Sri Lanka. According to the, a web page to rank the Members of Parliament in Sri Lanka, C. Premadasa’s engagement in topics of Trade and Industry is “average” and Economy and Finance is “poor”.[2]

Links to the Tobacco Industry

C. Premadasa owns a beedi (a domestically produced smoking tobacco product) manufacturing company producing under the brand “Champika Beedi”. It is a component of Champika Group of Companies, registered as Champika Premadasa Private Limited, of which he is the current Chairman.[3] Their other businesses include:

  • Tourism
  • Jewellry
  • Printing

Political/Government Positions held

  • Member of Provincial Council for Sabaragamuwa province[1]
  • Member of Pradeshiya Sabha for Rambuukkana[1]
  • Member of Parliament since 2000 – 2015[1]
  • Deputy Minister of Industry and Commerce 2015 – 2018[4][5]
  • State Minister of Power & Renewable Energy-2018 to present[6]

Tobacco Related Activities

  • In 2011, C. Premadasa criticized the government for not facilitating the beedi industry.[7]
  • In 2002, C. Premadasa participated in an opening of a Ceylon Tobacco Company PLC (CTC) sponsored Information Technology centre in Rambukkana.[8]

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